Press Release



The Largest Handicraft Exhibition at JCC Jakarta

Jakarta, 1 April 2015 (ASEPHI)

            The largest international exhibition of handicraft products in the country, even in the South-East Asian region, which is more known as INACRAFT, will be performed at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) from 8 to 12 April 2015. The trade exhibition will be joined by about 1,500 exhibitors, the craftsmen, producers and exporters of handicraft products, coming from all parts of the country. This year, the exhibition will also be joined by several friendly countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Iran and Tunisia.

            As usual, INACRAFT has always highlighted products and culture from certain province as icon of the exhibition. This time, INACRAFT 2014 will perform the Province of Bali as exhibition’s icon with a theme of “Through Enchanting Bali Toward Global Market”. In addition to displaying genuine products, Bali will also entertain the opening ceremony with its art and dance performance.

            Like in the past years, the products displayed in the exhibition will be judges by  a team of juries, and the best products of seven categories will be granted INACRAFT Award, and will be further join handicraft contest in regional level supervised by UNESCO and AHPADA. During the course of the exhibition, a seminar will be organized discussing “The Role of Multimedia and E-Commerce for the SMEs in the Global Trade Era”. The key-note speaker will be Director General for National Export Development and speaker from William O’Connor & Associates. The seminar will discuss among others the development in creative industry, especially the handicraft industry, and the role of multimedia in the era of globalization. Time for consultation is provided to interested parties.

            The Association of Indonesian Handicraft Exporters & Producers (ASEPHI), as Organizer of the exhibition, in cooperation with PT Mediatama Binakreasi, provides transport facilities for visiting the exhibition by providing busses free of charge at certain locations such as Senayan City, Grand Indonesia, Taman Anggrek Mall, Margo city Depok, and Sumarecon Mall Serpong. The Organizer has targeted the number of visitors during the 5-day exhibition will reach 200,000 persons, overseas buyers of 1,000 persons, and target of retail transaction to reach Rp 127 billion, and trade contract of US$ 10 million. (IS)