Syal Bungal Ilalang – Best of the Best Inacraft Award 2018

Jakarta, 27 April 2018 [INACRAFT AWARD] : The ASEPHI “INACRAFT AWARD” aims to encourage artisans to produce handicrafts using traditional skills, patterns and themes in an innovative way, in order to ensure the continuity and sustainability of traditions and skills. It is an adaptation of UNESCO Criteria and Programme and then becomes a WCC’s flagship programme to support craft producers and keep the local identity to modernity in current usage and lifestyle.

ASEPHI has improved the development of INACRAFT AWARD program as product selection into ONLINE application since INACRAFT AWARD 2016, due to INACRAFT AWARD consumes only short time at 3 days of INACRAFT Trade Fair. To simplify the process of submission and entry, ASEPHI has transformed the program and concept into a digital application whereas all the standard and technique of selection of 7 categories of handicrafts (ceramic, natural fibres, wood, stone, textiles, metal and others natural materials including recycle & epicycle) reminds the same with 10 jury experts form various background and profession through jury adjudication of Excellence, Innovative, Authenticity, Marketability, Eco Friendly and Good Packaging.


Here is the List of INACRAFT Award Winners for 2018 :


SYAL Ginjing Bunga Ilalang oleh Vinto Bustam [Muaro Bungo, Jambi]

Produk tenun dari Pelosok Jambi ini pembuatannya dimulai dari proses penciptaan bahan baku benäng tenun yang berasal dari bunga ilalang yang banyak terdapat di daerah Jambi. Melalui riset dan ujicoba terus menerus dan menggunakan pewarna alam benang ditenun dengan ATBM. Dalam proses pengerjaan Vinto memberdayakan masyarakat sekitar sehingga turut memberikan dampak sosial ekonomi masyarakat lokal dan dalam ujicoba pasar tenun bunga ilalang telah menarik minat pelaku tekstil/designer manca negara seperti Jepang, Turki dan Thailand.


Category Ceramics : Poci Teh Set Ungu Pelangi , SWARNA Art [Jakarta]
Category Natural Fibres : Sajojo Basket , DU ANYAM [Jakarta]
Category Metal : Hanging Lamp Brass Nut Silver , SOLARIS [Bali]
Category Stone : Green Alradya Necklace , BIRRU Jewellry [Jakarta]
Category Wood : Wooden Bagpack , RUAYA [Yogyakarta]
Category Textiles : Syal Ginjing Bunga Ilalang, Kain VINTO Craft [Muaro Bungo, Jambi]
Category Others : Asta Seamless Clutch Bag , JANEDAN [Bantul, Jogyakarta]