Why You Should Visit Inacraft 2016

“from smart village¬†to global market”

The awaited Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair – INACRAFT 2016 has coming.

We at INACRAFT 2016 want to give you a feel – good experience – from the moment your plane touches down in Jakarta to the time you leave the airport.

As you walk the floor to source for fresh ideas and innovative products, you will experience first-hand what is already second nature to Indonesian : craftsmanship and design innovation. And you will realize that INACRA FT is indeed the go – to destination for all original handicrafts , inspiring, and amazing.

Book your arrival now and have a happy sourcing experience at the 18th International Handicraft Trade Fair РINACRAFT this coming April.

Invitation Buyer Inacraft 2016


Download PDF Brocure :
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